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The Venezuelan retail market is highly segmented; the quality of both the shopping centre design and tenant mix depend on location, the demographic environment and consumer demand. The most attractive locations for retailers and owners alike continue to be within the boundaries of Caracas. The city's sales volume is the highest in the country, not only as a result of its large population but also because it has the highest proportion of "high income" consumers. The retail market is very important as there is continued demand for space. Rental levels which did not materially decline after poltical changes continue to see steady growth.

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Caracas must have one of the most dramatic settings of any city in the world - the Parque Nacional El Ávila looms directly over the city's northern edge, its green forested slopes are riddled with walking trails and home to a spectacular cable car ride, making a cool and breezy escape from the urban sprawl an easy reality.


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