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Taiwanese consumers have become accustomed to shopping at department stores and shopping centres in recent years while outlet malls are a relatively new feature to local shoppers. As large chain department stores structure most of their leases on the basis of turnover rent only, retailers adopting a cautious approach prefer having a presence in department stores amid an economic downturn. Another major reason why retailers are inclined to take up space in department stores is the success of promotional campaigns carried out by these retail complexes.

It is worth mentioning that seasonal variations in retail sales of retail complexes are significant as department store and shopping mall operators hold anniversary sales between September and November. High street premises in prime locations are also highly sought after as they act as an effective marketing tool for brands and ensure that retailers benefit from heavy pedestrian traffic.

Overall, it becomes more challenging for retailers to keep up in a changing retail landscape in Taiwan. The robust growth of e-commerce, coupled with declining visitor arrivals from mainland China, has led retailers and landlords alike to shift focus to create shopping destinations. On the other hand, improving household consumption and Taiwanese consumers' openness to new brands will likely continue to attract international retailers to have presence in the market.

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