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The total modern retail stock in Slovakia comprises over more than 1.64 million sq m including shopping centres, retail parks and multi functional stores. Only shopping centres have over 1.25 million sq m, the future pipeline will increase this amount by additional 70 ths sq m currently under contruction.

The stock expanded by more than 28,000 sq m in 2016 comprising mosty retail parks such as City Park Trnava with 10,000 sq m, NASA Shopping Gallery in Košice with additional 10,000 sq m on top of new retail park in Ružomberok (3,500 sq m) and in Zlaté Moravce (3,550 sq m). No new shopping center was opened in 2016 although SC Europa in Banská Bystrica has been extended by 1,440 sq m. Extensions of established well performing  shopping centers are becoming more common with saturation of the market wih recent extension of SC Mlyny Nitra in 2015 and planned second phase of Eurovea SC in Bratislava extending the center by 25,000 sq m of retail area.  Planned extensions of both Aupark SC in Bratislava and SC Laugaricio in Trencín are under discussion.

Currently two larger schemes are under construction with expected completion in 2017,  Eperia in Prešov (22,000 sq m) and Terminal Shopping Center in Banská Bystrica (11,000 sq m), the largest retail park under construction is in Michalovce (10,000 sq m) while the largest refurbishment of old department store is with OD Prior Martin (14,000 sq m)

The Slovakian retail market is quite saturated, surprisingly the most saturated regional city is Trnava with 1,468 sq m per 1000 inhabitants. The second biggest city in terms of retail area per its inhabitants is Nitra with 1,406 sq m per 1,000 inhabitants. The saturation of the capital  at 1,194 sq m per 1,000 inhabitants will be potentially increased by new planned development of Autobusova stanica Nivy which is a project of HB Reavis comprising 70,000 sq m of new retail space.

The prime rent in Bratislava shopping centres is currently stable at the level of € 55 per sq m/month. Compared to other capital cities the prime rent is significantly lower reflecting size of the city.

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