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Stock & pipeline

The total modern retail stock in Slovakia comprises more than 1.76 million sq m including shopping centres (1.3 million sq m) and retail parks (460 thsd sqm). The future pipeline under contruction will increase the retail area by additional 105 ths sq m.

The modern retail stock increased by almost 60,000 sq m in 2017 comprising shopping centre schemes as Eperia Prešov (22,000 sqm) developed by J&T Real Estate, Galeria Martin, the refurbishment of former Prior SC, (14,000 sq) or completed new bus station Terminál including retail area of 11,000 sqm in Banská Bystrica. New retail parks were opened in Michalovce (Retail park Opidium of the size of 7,000 sqm) and in outskirts of Bratislava within the new residential project Slnecnice (4,200 sqm).


Demolition works on the site of future shopping centre Stanica NIVY (70,000 sqm) in Bratislava were close to completion at the end of 2017. The project is cheduled to be completed in 2020. New retail park of the size over 10,000 sqm is being constructed in Prešov with the planned completion in 2018. Other three small schemes with the total size of 23,000 sqm are expected to be comleted in 2018 in other regional cities.


Retail market saturation remained almost stable in most of the regional cities due to limited completions. The most significant increase of saturation occured in Prešov adding 22,000 sqm (SC Eperia) to the stock increasing the saturation up to 542 sqm/1,000 inhabitants. The increase of the stock in Banská Bystrica due to completions of Bus Terminal increased the saturation up to 774 sqm/1,000 inhabitants.

The most saturated regional city remains Trnava with 1,477 sqm/1,000 inhabitants followed by Nitra with 1,406 sqm/1,000 inhabitants.

Rental levels

The prime rent in Bratislava shopping centres is currently app. 65 €/sqm/month. In other regional cities the prime rent is significantly lower reflecting the footfall of the cities.

The average rental levels in the regional shopping centres reached 19.33 EUR/sq m /month according to the finding of regional Shopping Center Index 2017.

Entries and Exits

Eight new brands entered the Slovak market in 2017, out of it were 6 fashion retailers as Palmers, US brand Nautica or Inditex’s Massimo Dutti. The market was exited by large fashion chain retailer Marks&Spencer without creating vacancy thanks to strong occupational demand.

Prime yield

The prime yield has decreased by 0.25% to 5.75%. In spite of missing reference transaction, prime yield reduction reflects increased liquidity on the market and narrowing of increased spread over neighbouring CEE countries.

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