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Compared to the rest of Latin America, the Peruvian retail market is still growing. The first shopping centres for Peru appeared in the 1980’s in the capital of Lima. In 2003, the first shopping centres opened outside of the capital. They have proven successful and more centres are likely to be built in the secondary cities. At present, there are over 26 retail centres in Lima and 18 outside the capital, although only a few can be considered to be of a modern standard. The majority of international retailers with stores in Peru have chosen Lima as their first location. Those who have chosen Peru include mainly fashion and luxury goods retailers as well as fast food chains. Big box retail has yet to develop and the only international department stores in Peru are represented by the Chilean chains, Falabella and Ripley. With the continuing improvement in the Peruvian economy, it is expected that more international brands will enter and expand in the country.

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Try Peruvian food as soon as you arrive; you will fall in love with it. The ceviche is a must; better if accompanied with a pisco sour.


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