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New Zealand

There are around 33,000 retail shops in New Zealand, with clothing, and supermarkets and grocery stores the dominant retail outlet types. Of the five major regions in country, Auckland accounts over a third of all stores. Store numbers over the past decade have seen some interesting changes with the largest increase coming from computer/computer equipment, clothing, and other specialised food outlets, while the biggest decline has been newspaper and book retailing, and fuel retailing. Looking at retail sales performance and growth in historical terms, actual retail sales in New Zealand have increased by NZ$19.7 billion or 27% over the past five years, at an average growth rate of around 4.7% per annum. Over the past year, retail sales in the year ending March 2018 rose by 5.7% or around NZ$5 billion. Since 2009, at the start of the global recession, retail sales have grown by 45.5% or NZ$28.9 billion. With regards to retail sales share, supermarkets and grocery stores are the dominant category of total retail turnover excluding the vehicle-related sector, followed by food and beverage. Consumer confidence is above longer-term levels, with recent surveys indicating increased spending by households off the back of rising house prices. The Westpac McDermott Miller report states that there has been an overall lift in consumer confidence levels with a larger proportion of consumers expecting good economic times ahead.

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Well known for its pristine natural environment, New Zealand also provides in shopping variety and experience. In Auckland, you can either shop at popular regional malls or head to the lower end of Queen Street which is the premier luxury brand hub of the city or walk a short distance over to the Britomart precinct which has a number of boutique stores as well as a variety of restaurants and cafes. If you are in Wellington, which is the government capital, all the top international fashion designers are represented along Lambton Quay and Courtenay Place,which is the night life epicentre with some of the best bars, pubs and clubs New Zealand has to offer.


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