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The retail market in Italy is evolving significantly, a process that started a few years ago and in continuing unabated. The importance of food-related spaces has been strengthened, as well as the need to maximize the tenant mix, and the growing necessity to integrate online and offline as a consequence of a progressive digitalization process of Society. The improvement of our country’s economic conditions and the progressive recovery of consumers’ confidence throughout 2017 have had a positive impact on the retail trend which, after a drop in the first
half of the year, have reversed course in the second half, thus consolidating the annual result over that of the previous year. Despite it, the modern retail distribution penetration remains below the most mature European market and the recent crises slowed down the retailers expansion plans. Retail space is a mix of high streets, shopping centres and dominant outlet centres. There are also approximately 73 out-of-town retail parks, with very few of them that are regionally dominant and which are object of a strong investors’ interest. Milan, famed for the fashion streets as via Monte Napoleone and via della Spiga, continues to be the first Italian cities where international retailers test the Italian market. In addition to Milan leading the way with its mix of retail, other major centres, such as Rome, Florence, Venice continue to attract new retailers, mainly drawn to the tourist flow potential. The recovery remains fragile but the economic climate is positive and domestic demand continues to be the main driver for growth with consumer confidence still high. The retailer’ demand is still strong and new entries have been registered in 2017, such as DM Drogerie, Habital, Wagamama, Este Lauder and Asics. The newly-completed places encouraged their entry. Furthermore, new virtual players have been developing a network of physical stores, thus contributing to the rise in space demand: this trend is also known as “click to brick”. 

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