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Looking at the sheer retail turnover, Germany shows a nine-year-history of uninterrupted increase. 2018 is forecasted at a level of €523.6 bn retail turnover, equating 5,920 EUR per capita and annum and a further 2.0% growth compared to 2017. Thus the market is important due to it’s overall size, but also due to it’s polycentric structure with prime locations as well as many attractive alternative locations such as thriving major provincials and secondary locations.

However, German retail market’s stability shall not be misunderstood as lack of activity: On the contrary, the retail occupier scene is vivid which impacts the respective real estate markets. As an example a total of 55 new international retail and food & beverage concepts entered the German market in 2016, which is the highest number of new market entrances of retail concepts since records began. In particular fashion retailers followed by food & beverage concepts entering the German market, preferring high street locations followed by lettings in shopping centers.

Another special feature in Germany is the market for fast moving consumer goods, namely food, which is regarded as one of the most competitive ones overall in Europe. Due to the recent takeover of the Kaisers Tengelmann supermarket portfolio with about 430 stores mainly by Germany’s largest food retailers Edeka and Rewe, the concentration process on the German grocery market has become even more intensive. Furthermore, there is a lot of ongoing innovation in this sector with specialized retail formats, such as organic supermarkets, convenient formats etc. and the overarching background of dealing with online delivery.

In terms of expansion target locations, Germany offers a wide variety of possibilities: The setting of inner city highstreets stands every comparison with other European countries. Profiled as mass market locations, alternative or high class up to luxury – there is a lot to see for newcomers. Hundreds of shopping centers, many of them up to date and successfully operating add up to this, not to forget performing retail parks and out-of-town locations.

In addition, attractive general conditions in one of the largest and most important retail markets in Europe - such as the still robust economic data, record numbers in employment as well as rising household income - make Germany a globally sought-after expansion target for international retailers.

While this variety makes Germany such a fascinating market, it also requires examination and involvement. Feel free to discover some basic impressions on the German top shopping metropolises via Understanding Retail Destinations. Once you need to dive in deeper, our colleagues are happy to assist and discuss the best opportunities with you.

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Discover the vital inner-city high-street setting, Germany has to offer. These places either serve commercial but in addition also cultural and residential purposes and often present vivid settings far away from bavarian clichés. You will find a country full of regional specialties, dialects and sites worth to be revealed even off the tourist centers.


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