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Despite being among Europe’s smallest, the Danish retail market is a mature and a very competitive one. With 1.8 million inhabitants in the region, Copenhagen is the capital and the largest city in Denmark. The retail sector’s catchment area extends beyond the borders of the city to the Øresund region, consisting of eastern Denmark and southern Sweden. This area of app.  4.0 million inhabitants generates a quarter of the combined GDP of Sweden and Denmark and is classified as one of the most dynamic regions in Europe. Copenhagen’s relatively small footprint makes all shops easily accessible. The pedestrianised high street, Strøget, is a very tempting destination for shopaholics. Additionally, every February and August, Copenhagen is host to Northern Europe’s largest fashion event, Copenhagen Fashion Week, with 1,100 exhibitors representing over 2,500 international and domestic brand name collections. Other important commercial cities in Denmark are the regional centres of Aarhus, Aalborg and Odense.

In recent years the number of retail chains in Denmark has decreased, while the number of stores has increased. The 315 existing retail chains operate through app. 30,030 stores. 103 foreign retail chains, representing 3,070 shops, indicate that the Danish retail sector is becoming increasingly international. The retail floor space in Denmark totals app. 12.5 million sq meters and the vacancy in Q2 2018 was 6.2%. Throughout the last year retail stock has remained unchanged.

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The best way to explore Copenhagen is from a bike or with you running shoes, as everything in Copenhagen is close to each other. Much of the fascinating city architecture lies within sight of canals, and is easy accessible. Take a look at the historical buildings and ancient streets coexisting with dynamic, modern and world famous architecture. It all lies side by side with the free-state “Christiania” which is located upon the old fortress of Copenhagen.


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