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Costa Rica

Costa Rica has become an important near shore location for companies from the U.S., as well as a strategic offshore location for European companies in the dollar zone, for European-based companies. It is geographically well-situated in the middle of the Americas and can be reached easily from most U.S. cities. Every day, there are approximately 30 different passenger flights from Costa Rica to the US and Canada. Additionally, 60 weekly direct flights are scheduled to other destinations in Central America, South America and Europe. The 2008 World Bank Survey for Global Governance Indicators, ranks Costa Rica in first place within Latin America for political stability. The country has no limitations on capital funds transfers associated with an investment, regardless of the currency.

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Costa Rica's growth is based on human development: 94,9% Literacy rate, Highly educated work force: 28000 diplomas granted every year between technical and university degrees, Estable political environment: The lack of an army has permitted the government to focus resources on education and improvement of quality of life, Free Trade Zone benefits, Exemption on import/export, capital, profit repatriation among other taxes, No restrictions on capital/profit repatriation or foreign currency management


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