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As the largest economy in Latin America in terms of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Brazil has continued to attract foreign brands such as Eataly, Forever 21, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Olive Garden, Red Lobster over the last years.

Overcoming an economic crisis and dollar appreciation, retail activity and retailers general revenue performance have resumed ascension. Solid companies take advantage of low prices to acquire competitors or expand their store portfolio at an affordable lease prices. It is also the proper moment to foreign investors to land in Brazilian soil or increase their market share.

Furthermore, there has been considerable activity in the shopping centre market in recent years, with increase in total GLA throughout the country. This has had a positive effect on retailing in general by encouraging greater professionalism and modern standards on commerce centres. Even though Brazilians like to shop in-store and online, the outlook for consumer spending is one of moderate growth.

There is little doubt about the strong interest in Brazil as one of the potential growth stories for the coming decade, and retail will be one of the sectors to enjoy these benefits. Although, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro remain the most attractive markets, the potential of the other Southeast cities and the South and Northeast regions must not be overlooked.

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The largest concentrations of shopping centres are located in the Southeast region of Brazil, which can be explained as it is the region with the highest incomes and population density. However, other regions like the Northeast and South, also have tremendous growth potential. The largest segment of the market's retail GLA is in regional shopping centres. The growth of the Brazilians' purchasing power is helping investments in shopping centres grow across the country.


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