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Austria is among the top target markets in Europe for retailer expansion, due to the higher purchasing power compared to other countries. Austria has 5 Cities above 100.000 inhabitants (Vienna, Graz, Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck). Thereof Greater Vienna is dominating in terms of national GDP, population and purchasing power in Austria. The Austrian retail market is considered to be saturated. The total retail GLA covers an area of 14.7million sq m, meaning 1.7 sq m per inhabitant, 25% of which is in Shopping Centres & Retail Parks. The pipeline for new shopping centres and retail parks is limited due to planning regulations of the authorities in Austria. Dominant schemes in the largest cities are: Shopping City Süd and Donauzentum in Vienna, Seiersberg in Graz, PlusCity in Linz, Europark in Salzburg and DEZ in Innsbruck.

Vienna is known for well performing high streets as described in the Vienna Report. Important high streets in other large cities are Herrengasse in Graz, Landstrasse in Linz, Getreidegasse/Alter Markt in Salzburg and Maria-Theresien-Straße in Innsbruck. More and more cross-border retailers are considering to enter the Austrian market. The most prominent international retailers entered the Austrian market in 2016 were: Rituals, Sketchers, Lio Jo, NYX, Vorwerk, therefore retailer may have to reckon with waiting-lists and key- money for high street locations and good shopping centres.

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