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The Australian retail landscape continues to undergo considerable change. An acceleration of international brand entry to the region, particularly in the past three years has supported asset enhancements in regional shopping centres as well as major city centres, incorporating international entrants and newly activated retail precincts.

Strong preference for international brands, food & beverage and experiential shopping and entertainment is supporting this change; as is the increase in tourist arrivals, particularly from Asia. Asian tourists not only spend more per visit, but have a higher appetite for goods ‘purchased to take home’.

Sales productivity of some international brands in Australia is among the highest in the world, and coupled with low international brand penetration rates (28%), compared to 45% in Singapore and Hong Kong, make Australlia highly attractive.

Australia’s retail landscape is heavily dominated by shopping centres as opposed to strip / high street retail. In the last few years we have seen a big revival in CBD (Central Business District) retailing focused predominantly within the major cities, driven by new international requirements and their desire to open a flagship CBD site. The re-emergence in inner city apartment style living is also playing a key role in this. Australia is certainly going through a major retailing landscape change.


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For a small country Australia packs a ‘mighty’ punch. Australia has a population of 24 million which ranks it as No. 53 in the World. Its spend per capita is ranked as No.3 in the World. Australia is also well known for its online shopping, density’s and conversion rates, surveys have found that Australian’s shop online more frequently than people in other developed nations. Australians are travelling more than ever and their knowledge and understand of brands has developed with the expectation now to be able to purchase these brands on home soil. This has dictated retailers opening up the websites to delivery in Australia which have proved so successful the natural progression is for retailers to open ‘brick and mortar’ sites to deliver an integrated ‘omni’ channel presence.


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