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Argentina´s economy has stagnated when compared to previous years. Growth was largely being hampered by government-imposed restrictions on imports and on foreign currency exchange, which have been lifted very recently.  Various international retailers have left the country due to increased challenges importing products and goods; many others that have not left have downsized their personnel. The Argentine shopping centre market is highly segmented; the quality of both the shopping center design and tenant mix will depend on location, the demographic environment and consumer demand. The most attractive locations for retailers and owners alike continue to be within the boundaries of the Federal Capital of Buenos Aires, followed by the city of Cordoba, the country's second larget city. There are two dominant shopping center operators, IRSA, based in Argentina, and Cencosud, from Chile. Prevailing base rental levels within the schemes vary considerably from US $80 to US $120 per sqm, per month. For this reason, tenants have become increasingly sophisticated and carefully assess all factors before committing to a higher rent.

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For residents of the northern hemisphere, Argentina offers the inviting possibility of enjoying two summers in the same year. Try to visit the Moreno Glacier in Santa Cruz, The Iguazú Falls or even some skiing in the winter months, June through September.


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