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Zaragoza is the capital of the region of Aragon and the fifth largest city in the country, with a total population of 660,000 inhabitants. Its metropolitan area is only slightly larger than the city itself (somewhat above 700.000 inhabitants), as the areas out of town are not populous. Zaragoza is a very important logistic and communications hub in Spain due to its strategic “spider” location: it is situated at 200km from five key cities all in different directions: Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Valencia and Toulouse (France).

The retail structure of Zaragoza comprises a strong retail high street offer located in the city centre as well as several large suburban shopping centres. The latter are well spread throughout the municipality yet have caused a very high shopping centre density. Most important one is the state-of-the-art shopping centre Puerto Venecia, the largest shopping complex of Spain (206,000 sqm GLA) located on the southern outskirts of town and configured as a partly open-air shopping resort. It has had a huge impact on the retail scene of Zaragoza, but it has been unable to weaken the high street offer.

The main high street retail areas in Zaragoza are Paseo Independencia, Paseo de las Damas, Calle Isaac Peral and Calle Alfonso I. The imperial Paseo Independencia is the most demanded street by retailers, and is located in the CBD of Zaragoza. The pedestrian street Calle Alfonso I (located in the historic part of the city and leading to the Pilar Basilica, the most important touristic attraction of Zaragoza) has witnessed the incorporation of many new brands in the past years, converting it in a second hot spot for mass market retail, particularly in the part between calle Coso and Plaza Sas. Furthermore, Paseo Damas has gained importance during the past years, in the area around the El Corte Inglés department store.

Apart from the mentioned Puerto Venecia shopping resort, there are several more relevant shopping centres in Zaragoza. In the north of the city (crossing the river) Grancasa is located, this is the scheme that least suffered from the opening of Puerto Venecia. Aragonia (south), Augusta (west) and Plaza Imperial (south-west) are other large shopping centres, yet all much weakened by the success of Puerto Venecia. 

Things to do



Puerto Venecia and Grancasa shopping centres. High street areas Isaac Peral, Independencia, Damas, Alfonso I.


Museums (Pablo Gargallo, Pablo Serrano, Camón Aznar, Caixa Forum). El Pilar Basilica, La Seo Cathedral, Water Park.

And be seen


Palomeque, Pantxica Orio, El Tubo Street, El Chalet.



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El Plata

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