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City Overview

Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and the largest city in the country.  Approximately 30% of all Croatian population reside in Zagreb and its metropolitan area. Zagreb’s retail market is the most developed in Croatia.

Zagreb’s high street area comprises the heart of the city centre, primarily Ilica Street, Cvjetni Square, Ban Jelacic Square and several surrounding streets within the pedestrian zone. Since high street stock is relatively small, and demand from both international and local retails has increased within the last few years, occupancy rate within the high street is quite high. However, as oppose to trends in other countries, due to lack of large units along the high street, most of international brands who decide to enter the market open their first stores in shopping centres.

Approximately 510,000 sq m of shopping centre area, which is equivalent to one-third of the Croatia’s total shopping centre stock, is located in Zagreb and its surroundings. Shopping centre ratio is therefore quite high, namely 645 sq m per 1,000 inhabitants. Despite high supply, the overall occupancy in shopping centres is very high.

Out of 20 shopping centres in Zagreb, there are three regional large-size projects (=50,000 sq m) that are strategically placed in three out of four major retail hubs in the city, i.e. Arena Centar in Novi Zagreb district, City Center One West in Jankomir district and City Center One East in Zitnjak district.

Two retail hubs mentioned above, Jankomir in the west part of Zagreb and Zitnjak in the east, also accommodate a large share of retail warehouse stock in Zagreb. There are several retailers who have units within both Zitnjak and Jankomir districts, some of them being Bauhaus, Decathlon, Emmezeta, Lesnina, Metro, and Pevec.

The majority of the retail warehouse stock consists of food retailers (hypermarkets and supermarkets) and furniture stores, namely 40% and 30% respectively. The most developed supermarket chains in Zagreb are Interspar, Kaufland, Konzum, Lidl, and Plodine, while the most notable furniture stores are Emmezeta, IKEA, and Lesnina.

Things to do



City centre, Green Gold, Konzum Radnicka


Bundek lake and park, Jarun lake, Maksimir park, old town, Sljeme

And be seen


  • City centre – Apetit city, Barbieri’s, Duck fast bistro, El Toro, Noël, Pod zidom, Vinodol, Time, Xato

  • East – Mano, Rougemarin, Sofra

  • West – Batak, MekPer’s

  • Other – Okrugljak, Paesano, Stari Puntijar


The main square, Bogoviceva Street, Cvjetni trg, Europski trg, Tkalciceva Street

Be Merry


  • Bogaloo, Booze&Blues, Johann Franck, Katran, Opera, Peper, Roko Club&Lounge, Taboo, Vintage Industrial Bar


  • Cest is d'Best (May-June)

  • INmusic Festival (June)

  • Zagreb Beer Fest (Spring-Summer)

  • Strossmartre (May-September)

  • Advent in Zagreb (December)