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Verona, in the north-eastern part of Italy is a touristic city with about 1 million tourists per year coming mostly from Northern Europe and, with its industry combined with entrepreneurial and artisan activity make Verona a rich city. Verona is also located along a freeway stretch of such great importance that it is considered an essential cross roadfor travel to Eastern Europe. Piazza Brà is the real heart of the town which links the historic part of the city to Via Mazzini, which is the main high street for the shopping; the elegant and commercially most important centre of Verona. The strong demand from retailers and the limited supply have caused upward pressure on rents and contributed to a low level of vacancy. It is a natural pedestrian route for tourists, as it is a perfect link to nearby tourist attractions. Among the other important high streets, via Cappello is currently being considered more by enterprising traders than by commercial chains, due to the lower rental level compared to via Mazzini. Corso Porta Borsari has been undergoing a transformation over the last ten years, where the better-known fashion retail chains are gradually replacing traditional stores. It is attracting some luxury retailers too. The retail supply is completed with shopping centres located on the outskirts of the city, such as La Grandemela, Verona Uno (San Giovanni in Lupatoto), Auchan Bussolengo and Le Corti Venete. During the first quarter of 2017 has opened the Adigeo Shopping Center (42,000 sqm GLA).

Things to do



Piazza Brà, via Mazzini, Brasserie Borsari 36


The ancient Arena Romana, Juliet's house, the Scaliger tombs.

And be seen


Hosteria all 'Orso, il Desco, Al Pompiere


Bottega del Vino, Caffè Filippini, Caffè Antica osteria al Duomo,Oreste dal Zovo

Be Merry

Rococò,Teatro Filarmonico

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