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The per capita disposable income and living expenses of urban residents in Shenzhen ranks number one in four first-tier cities, surpassing Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing, which supports the rapid development of the Shenzhen retail market. The prime retail hubs in Shenzhen are mainly distributed in three commercial areas, including Luohu, Futian and Nanshan. The traditional retail destinations are dominated by local department stores such as Maoye, Rainbow and Shirble Department Store, the last two of which have been listed in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Shenzhen prime retail market was in short supply of large-scale international standard shopping centres until the Mixc mall opened in 2004. Due to the curbing measures in residential market and the develop trend of complex project, more and more developers dedicate to the prime retail market, especially the shopping malls. With available prime retail space growing, and with prices in Hong Kong rising, an increasing number of foreign retailers have entered or plan to enter into Shenzhen market, which has further boosted the Shenzhen retail market. The completion of new phase of metro is seen as a catalyst for the retail facilities along the metro line with easy accessibility. Subsequently, more and more shopping centre projects announced the opening in Baoan District and decentralized areas, which should help future upgrading of these areas.

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Renminnan, Caiwuwei, Futian CBD, Chegongmiao, Hi-tech Park, Nanshan Central Business District,Bao'an CBD, Qianhai


Window of the World, Happy Valley, Splendid China, OCT East, Dameisha, OCT Bay, Sea World,Shenzhen lotus Park, Chung Ying Street

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Star of Canton Restaurant, Dim Tu Tac,Ririxiang Eroufan, HOME RUN, NanJing DaPai Dang,Simply Life, Future One,  ROCKSALT, Four Season Oyster Bar


HEYTEA, NaiXue Tea, WHO'S TEA, YO! TEA, GAGA, K.STRAWBERRY, 813, The Penthouse, Galleon, Terrace Restaurant & Bar, LES DUOS

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Ciao, Mokihi, RMK, Dazzle Club, Pepper, SOHO, Babyface, Evening Show, Richy, Le-Nest, O Seven VIP Bar, Lone I bar, Parkview KTV,The Lavo

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