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Until the 1980's, Santiago's downtown area was the main concentration for high street retail. In the 1970's, two streets in the downtown area were pedestrianised, reinforcing the location's importance for shopping. However, since the construction of the first shopping centres in Santiago in the 1980's, downtown retail has deteriorated. The pedestrian streets continue to bustle with shoppers but the tenant mix consists primarily of local shops that serve a consumer of middle and lower income levels. Shopping centres are now the most attractive location for quality retailers in Santiago. Prevailing rents range from $40 to $70 per square meter, per month, plus a sales revenue charge. The success of the centres and demand from tenants mean that availability is limited. However, as the market for large regional shopping centres has become saturated, the trend in retail for Santiago is the development of strip malls, power centres and big box retail.

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Isidora Goyenecha, El Bosque, El Golf are all class A office neighborhoods. Nueva Las Condes is a new submarket in the Las Condes district, in front of a huge park. The historic, civic, and financial centre is downtown.


Alonso de Córdova, Providencia, Paseo Huérfanos

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Boragó, Tanta, Catedral,
Mestizo, Borderío


W Hotel bar, Opera, Chihuahua, Liguria, The Clinic

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W Hotel discotheque, Castillo Hidalgo, Playback, Patio Bellavista

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