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City Overview

Malaga is the second largest city of the Andalusian region after Seville, with 570,000 inhabitants. The province of Malaga has a much larger population of 1,650,000 inhabitants, particularly concentrated along the coast. A high proportion of these are foreign residents, as owing to its subtropical climate it is an important destination for second home owners. The number one tourist attraction are the many good beaches along the coast and the warm climate allowing the summer to last eight months and the winter to be the mildest of any large European city.

Malaga is the fourth ranking economic zone of Spain, after Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Together with tourism, other economic drivers are the finance sector, real estate, logistics and technology. The city experienced a surge in the retail activity in the years 2000 with the consolidation of important retail areas and the completion of various shopping centres, partly owing to the strong tourist market.

The High Street retail offered is concentrated in Calle Marques de Larios, an elegant pedestrian street which completely dominates the high street mass market scene. In the same area, other streets have been consolidating in terms of retail offer, like Calle Nueva, the parallel street to Marqués de Larios, or the beginning of Calle Granada, which comes further down Marques de Larios.  A very important high-end retail area, demanded by both national and international luxury retailers, is Puerto Banus, located in the harbour area of the town of Marbella.

Shopping centres are located both inside and outside the municipality of Malaga and the density of shopping centres in the province is among the highest of Spain. The largest shopping centres are Plaza-Mayor (51,500 sq m), Vialia (45,500 sq m), Rosaleda (46,000 sq m) and Larios Centro (45,100 sq m) inside the city boundaries of Malaga and La Cañada-Marbella (109,100 sq m), Parque Miramar-Fuengirola (73,077 sq m), El Ingenio-Velez Malaga (42,200 sq m) in the province of Malaga. The out-of-town schemes serve the many beach towns located along the coast line of the Costa del Sol. The development of a very large "Shopping Resort" scheme by Intu Properties has been announced in Torremolinos, a town close to Málaga city, which is likely to have an important impact on the area south-west of Málaga.

Things to do



Walk around the prime high street offer of the elegant Marques de Larios Street and surroundings. Enter the harbour area to reach the Muelle Uno shopping centre with a fashion, boutique and restaurant offer.


Take a walk along the promenade of Pedregalejo, where the beach bars and restaurants offer typical “pescaito frito”(small fried fish).  

And be seen


Eat out at the Calle Bolsa and Calle Strachan where you can find nice Spanish restaurants like Gorki, La Reserva or La Barra. You can also try the modern cuisine of Clandestino. 


Have a drink in the city centre where there is a wide range of bars, such as Toulouse, Mumbai or Malafama. Stop by the old tavern El Pimpi to take a look at its decoration. 

Be Merry

Go dancing at the fashionable El Liceo (an old palace converted into a Disco), Sala Opium, Level or Sala Wenge.

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