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The city of Maastricht is one of the most popular shopping cities in the Netherlands and attracts millions of visitors (usually domestic) every year. Maastricht owes its popularity not only to the historic character of the city centre, but also to its variety of shops, restaurants and cafés. The main shopping area is situated largely along the west bank of the river Maas, and includes Grote Staat, Kleine Staat, Muntstraat and Wolfstraat. International and national well-known fashion chains, as well as De Bijenkorf and Hema department stores, are all located in these streets. Hudson's Bay will open its store in 2017 in the former V&D department store retail unit. Stokstraat is the most exclusive shopping street in Maastricht and is the location of many high-end fashion stores. Important additions to the main shopping area are Entre Deux and Mosae Forum. Entre Deux shopping centre (12,000 sq m) is the result of the renovation of a partially disused shopping centre. The Polare bookshop in the Dominican Church, which is also part of Entre Deux, is one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world. Mosae Forum (around 18,000 sq m) is a new shopping area, but nonetheless blends in with the historic centre, thanks to its sensitive layout and design. Neighbourhood Wyck, situated at the east side of the river Maas, offers a few interesting shopping streets as well (Stationstraat, Rechtstraat). Maastricht has no large-scale peripheral retail locations yet. So far the most important shopping location outside the city centre is shopping centre Brusselse Poort (roughly 18,000 sq m). The construction of a retail park however has started recently at the Belveredere area. This area was designated for large-scale retail trade already for a longer period of time. DIY retailer Gamma is already located here, DIY retailer Praxis will open its store in the near future.

Things to do



Grote Staat, Stokstraat, Entre Deux, Mosae Forum, Polare bookshop (Dominican Church), Maastrichter Smedenstraat, Havenstraat. Wyck: Stationstraat, Rechtstraat.


Caves Sint Pietersberg, Maastricht air-raid shelters (Kazematten), Natural Historic Museum Maastricht, Bonnefanten Museum, historic city centre: 'OLV' square.

And be seen


Cafe Sjiek, Gio's, 't Plenkske, Beluga, Toine Hermsen, Tout à Fait, Chateau Neercanne, Harry's van Hotel de Beaumont, De Brandweer Kantine


Cafe de Comedie, Hotel Derlon, Cafe Zuid, In den Ouden Vogelstruys, Au Mouton Blanc, Sjinkerij de Bobbel. Wyck: De Posthoorn, café Zondag

Be Merry

Theater aan het Vrijthof, Filmtheater Lumière, Preuvenemint (August)

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