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Münster is located in the northern part of North Rhine-Westphalia and the major town of the Münsterland region. The city and regional economy is based on agriculture and the food industry due to its rural hinterland. Additionally, the service sector plays an important role as Münster is home to many regional authorities, insurance companies and saving banks. Münster is one of the largest university cities in Germany with around 60,000 students and has a unique historic inner-city.

Due to its island position within the Münsterland region, Münster has a very wide catchment. The inner-city has a high quality of stay. The major high streets of Münster are Ludgeristrasse, Salzstrasse and Prinzipalmarkt, which have with a retail offer ranging from mass market to up-market. Further high streets of interest are Drubbel and Rothenburg. Münster Arkaden is an inner-city shopping center with 23,500 sq m.

Things to do



Prinzipalmarkt (the city's 'living room'), Ludgeristrasse with Münster Arcaden, Domplatz


Promenade, Aaseepark, Botanischer Garten in the Schlossgarten, Wienburgpark, Rieselfelder, Südpark, Dortmund-Ems-Kanal

And be seen


Kleiner Kiepenkerl, Gasthaus Stuhlmacher, Altes Gasthaus Leve, Drübbelken, Pinkus Müller, Grosser Kiepenker, Pfefferkorn, Fischbrathalle, Kruse-Baimken


Schwarzes Schaf, Grand Cafe, Mocambobar, Atelier, Café Gasolin, Lit:fass, Watusi Bar, Kleines Brauhaus, Hafenbar, Spooky's


Be Merry

Allwetterzoo, Planetarium, Theatercafe, Kunstmuseum Pablo Picasso, Freilichtmuseum Mühlenhof, Stadtmuseum Münster, Theater Münster