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City Overview

Lyon is the second urban area in France in terms of population. It has solid retail fundamentals, is home to 1.7 million inhabitants whose purchasing power is higher than the national average, its population growth is positive and regular and the transport network is well used and efficient. Add to this the presence of several major anchor brands and it is easy to see why Lyon is an excellent choice for any international brands wishing to test the French regional market. Retail in the town centre is varied and strong and has the capacity to attract consumers from the entire conurbation. La Presque Ile is the undoubted shopping and tourist destination. It has 2,600 retail units and generates an annual turnover close to EUR600 million. Demand for the best high street sites is still very steady, especially on the Rue de la Republique, the anchor point of major mass and mid-market brands. Other desirable sites include Le Triangle d Or (rue President Edouard Herriot, rue Emile Zola, Place des Jacobins), Cours Vitton, Avenue des Frères Lumière and Grande Rue de la Croix Rousse. Rue Merciere is more dedicated to restaurants including the typical Bouchons Lyonnais. The most important shopping centre is La Part Dieu, which is the biggest one in French regions in terms of turnover.

Things to do



Part Dieu, Lyon Confluence


The picturesque old streets of Centre Presqu'Ile, Lyon's surroundings especially the Beaujolais Hills

And be seen


Brasserie L'Ouest or L'Est (another brasserie belonging to the Paul Bocuse group - a smart and relaxed environment)


Explore the labyrinth of Bouchons (wine bars) Lyonnais

Be Merry

At night check out the Rue Mercière at the Presqu'Ile - a happening place that is cool and trendy.

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