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Luxembourg CityLuxembourg

city rank #147

City Overview

The most populous and important city in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is Luxembourg City. It counts a population of 116,300 people, situated within the larger Canton of Luxembourg with 182,607 people. This relatively small capital city plays an important international role hosting European institutions such as the Court of Justice and Court of First Instance, Court of Auditors, European Investment Bank, General Secretariat of the European Parliament and supportive services, as well as large international business and financial services companies.

Luxembourg City counts three major high street locations – Gran-Rue and Rue Philippe II in the city centre and Avenue de la Gare in the station district to the south. Mass market retailers can be found on the Grand-Rue and on the Avenue de la Gare. The main high street retail area is the Grand-Rue, where international retailers such as H&M, Zara, Massimo Dutti, and Vera Moda are located. The street offers around 110 units, mainly occupied by the fashion sector. The rental levels on the Grand-Rue range from 1,700 to 2,400 EUR/sqm/year, depending on the selling area. The Avenue de la Gare connects the city centre to the station area, and is considered a secondary high street axis, accommodating around 70 units. Retailers that can be found here include H&M, C&A, Hunkemöller, and Mango. The fashion sector is dominant, although it occupies about one-third of the Avenue de la Gare retail area. Rents are considerably lower than on the Grand-Rue at approximately 900 EUR/sqm/year. The luxury retailers can be found on Rue Philippe II, a side street off the Grand-Rue. Luxury retailers such as Chanel, Hermès, Gucci and Dolce  Gabbana, lead the dominant fashion sector on this small street. Rental levels are comparable to the rents asked on Grand-Rue around 1,700 to 2,400 EUR/sqm/year, depending on the selling area. Complementing these high streets is the Auchan shopping centre in Kirchberg. This 25,000 sqm retail development is anchored by the 12,000 sqm Auchan hypermarket. To the west of the city outside of the ring, La Belle Etoile (65,000 sqm) and City Concorde (60,000 sqm) shopping centres offer substantial retail indulgence.

The biggest city centre development on the horizon is the highly-anticipated Royal Hamilius project. This mixed-use building will transform the area of Grand-Rue and Boulevard Royal. The Royal Hamilius project will add 17,000 sqm of retail space to the city centre. In addition to office and residential space. South of the centre, the Cloche d’Or masterplan includes a 75,000 sqm shopping centre featuring 130 stores. Infinity, the third project from Immobel, will consist in more than 6,500 sqm of retail units (along with 20,000 sqm of residential space and 6,800 sqm of offices). These three projects have a expected completion date of Q2 2019.

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There are lots of European institutions and the banking/insurance industry is well representated in Luxembourg.


Fortress of Luxembourg, the Gibraltar of the North; the historical city of Luxembourg

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Place d'Armes


Place d'Armes

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Gotham, M-Club, White

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