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Liège is located in the valley of the river Meuse (or Maas) near Belgium’s eastern borders. It is often referred to as ‘la Cité Ardente’ (the fiery city), based on its historical importance in the production of steel. Today, Liège is a rapidly evolving city. Liège is easily accessible from the surrounding cities by various highways including the E40 (Brussels to Aachen), the E25 (Luxembourg to Maastricht), the A13 (Antwerp) and the A15 (Charleroi). The city’s public transport connections are also excellent thanks to the recently renovated train station, which is served by national, international and high-speed trains.

The second largest city in Wallonia, Liège counts a growing population of 197,355 people with an average income of 14,533 EUR. Around 712,000 people with an average income of 15,190 EUR live within a 20 minute drive of the city centre. Liège is one of the largest shopping districts in Wallonia and therefore attracts many consumers from the entire southern part of the country. In addition, as it is located close to Belgium’s eastern border, Liège also attracts Dutch, French and German shoppers.

The city centre offers a variety of shops in a web of pleasant, pedestrianized streets. The downtown retail district is referred to as the Carré, and consists of Vinave d’Ile, the Pont d’Ile, Rue de la Cathédrale and Rue de l’Université. Together, these streets offer nearly 600 meters of shopping and more than 150 stores, dominated by fashion retailers. The 168-meter long Passage Lemonnier is a retail gallery connecting the various streets of the Carré. Rue du Pot d’Or and Rue du Mouton Blanc are developing into more sophisticated shopping areas, with an increasing volume of luxury retailers. Both the Galleries Saint-Lambert and the Ilôt Saint-Michel are in-town shopping centres at the edge of these high streets, with the former boasting more than 40,000 sqm of shopping space. Belle-Ile is a suburban shopping centre located in the south of Liège. Opened in 1995, Belle-Ile contains 98 units in 30,000 sqm, with anchor tenants WE, AS Adventure, H&M and Jules. However, Belle-Ile will have an extension of over 10,000 sqm that should be finished in September 2020. Médiacité is a relatively new centre that was completed in 2009. Its 124 stores are spread over 48,000 sqm and include H&M, Guess, Jules and Pull&Bear.

Things to do



Strong logistics presence, Liège Airport Business Park, mixed-use development of the area around the Liège-Guillemins train station.


The Sunday morning market, walk alongside the River Meuse, visit the Square St-Lambert, Perron and the Place du Marché.

And be seen


Try a "gauffre de Liège" or a more exclusive meal on Rue de la Goffe.


Try one of the many bars on the Quartier le Carré.

Be Merry

Enjoy the many performance arts centres the city has to offer, such as the Royal Opera and Theatre of Liège.

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