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JohannesburgSouth Africa

city rank #98

City Overview

The City of Johannesburg is located within the Gauteng Province. Although Gauteng occupies only 1.5% of the country’s land area, it is the financial hub of South Africa and real annual economic growth rate estimates for 2015 indicate a growth of 1.4% for the province.

The main cities in Gauteng include Johannesburg and Pretoria. Johannesburg, one of the largest cities on the African continent, is well-known for its mixture of shiny skyscrapers, Indian bazaars, African medicine shops, and busy streets with fruit sellers and other vendors on most street corners. Additionally, the city is the provincial capital of Gauteng.

The City of Johannesburg measures approximately 1,645km² and is home to a population of 4.4 million people according to 2011 census data. Of the city’s total population 72.7% are of working age (i.e. between 15 and 64 years old). It has been recorded that the city is made up of approximately 1,434,856 households of which 16.8% have an average household income of between R19,601 - R38,200 with an equal amount (16.8%) having no income.

Gauteng has roughly 10.8 million m² of formal retail shopping centre space. The largest shopping area in Johannesburg is the Sandton Retail Node (170,939 m²), which consists of a combination of Sandton City (141,390m²), Nelson Mandela Square (16,265m²), Legacy Corner (7,000m²) and Michelangelo Towers Mall (6,284m²).

As at Q1 2017 the market appeared to be at a slowdown, possibly a result of consumers being under pressure due to current economic conditions, leaving less disposable income available for retail activities. However, new developments recently completed or underway include the likes of the Mall of Africa, the largest single phase development in Africa, and the expansion of the existing Fourways Mall which will be adding on new space as well as consolidating existing retail space.

Things to do



Sandton and Surrounds and the Johannesburg CBD


Cradle of Humankind, Shopping Centres, Rugby, Soccer and Cricket

And be seen


Life Grand Café, Tashas, Craft, The Wolfpack, The Grazing Room at DW Eleven – 13, Rockets, Jamie’s Italian and Kream


Beer House, The Foundry, Randlords, Jolly Cool, The Baron and Gilroy’s

Be Merry

Johannesburg Botanical Gardens, Cradle of Humankind, Gold Reef City, Lipizzaners Show, Bill Harrop's Original Balloon Safari and Monte Casino Complex

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