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Ghent has an attractive combination of a splendid past and vivid present. In addition to art and culture, the capital of East-Flanders offers its inhabitants and visitors an array of shopping and leisure activities. Ghent is easily accessible by road and rail. Highways E40 (Oostende to Brussels) and E17 (Lille to Antwerp) make it easily accessible by car from the whole of Belgium. To promote the use of public transport and bikes, the Ghent Mobility Plan has decreased car traffic in the city centre and reduced the amount of on-street parking while increasing the number and quality of public car parks. The city benefits from two large train stations, Ghent St-Pieters and Ghent Dampoort, which provide for quick and efficient connections with other major Belgian cities.

Ghent is one of the fastest growing cities in Belgium, experiencing around 10% population growth in the last 10 years. Its 260,341 inhabitants have an average annual income of 17,923 EUR. More than 473,000 people live within a 20-minute drive of the city centre and have an average income of 19,190 EUR, notably higher than the Belgian average. The car-free city centre boasts a large variety of retailers scattered over a number of streets.

Floor areas of retail units tend to be rather small in Ghent. The Veldstraat is the most popular high street in the city. The majority of the street is occupied by international fashion chains such as Galeria Inno, HM, Zara, CA, Esprit, Mango and And Other Stories. The Lange Munt is another downtown shopping district, offering fashion, gifts, accessories, shoes, and leather goods to around 140,000 visitors per week on average. At the northern end of the Lange Munt is the Vrijdagmarkt, a square filled with pubs and restaurants and some smaller fashion retailers. High-end, luxury retailers are to be found on the Koestraat, Korte Dagsteeg, and Brabantdam. The retailing floor areas per unit are notably smaller here. The Ghent Zuid shopping centre is located at the end of the Brabantdam, on the Wilsonplein. This 3-floor, 11,250 sqm shopping centre contains 40 retail units offering a wide range of products and services.

Things to do



Significant high-tech and research-oriented development is occurring south and west of the city including The Loop and Tech Lane Science Park. Start-ups are finding a home along the canal in the Oude Dokken.


Take in the view of the canal, belfort and churches from Saint-Michael's Bridge. For a break from the crowds, wander the small streets of the Patershol.

And be seen


Ghent offers an abundance of vegetarian selections. For a grand experience, try Volta or De Vitrine. 


Visit the Korenmarkt, Klein Turkije and the Vlasmarkt

Be Merry

The area around the university is always bustling, and the Vooruit offers a great terrace.

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