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City Overview

Despite its small size, Geneva is a highly popular destination with a global reputation. It is known for its many watch manufacturers, including Patek Philippe and Rolex, as well as the famous Rue du Rhône, one of the world’s most sought-after streets by luxury brands.


Greater Geneva (including Geneva and the border areas of Ain and Haute-Savoie) is destined to see a large increase in population in the coming years. This Genevan cross-border area will house between 1,263,000 and 1,363,000 inhabitants, i.e. 25% to 35% more than in 2015 by 2040, respectively, although the demo-graphic dynamic has so far been polarised around Geneva.


The presence of shopping centres across the border is a significant factor (the

expansion of Val Thoiry in Ain, the opening of the Espace Candide in Ferney-Voltaire, and the new Open shopping centre, which will open its doors in Saint-Genis-Pouilly in 2020). Modes of transport in this rapidly growing area are also evolving as the existing motorway connections struggle to contain this much trade. The CEVA (the future rail link between Geneva and Haute-Savoie) will give rise to new railway stations at the end of 2018 (Pont-Rouge, Champel, Eaux-Vives, Chêne-Bourg), which will also house new retail spaces. Geneva’s retail market is following the same trend as the rest of Switzerland. We saw some major changes in tenants’ behaviour in the recent months. New international brands are entering into

the Geneva’s market as Brandy Melville, Rituals, Snipes, Black Tap,

American Vintage.


Given Geneva’s proximity to France and the cost of the Swiss franc for foreigners, retailers in Geneva have had to adjust their prices and reduce their margins in order to compete with the French market. In light of this, Geneva’s city-centre trade, long considered a ‘home marketplace’, has evolved in recent years. Indeed, the tense economic situation, the change in consumption patterns as a result of the power of the internet, and the ultra-competitive environment have all changed the situation. Many retailers have left their ‘prime’ locations and new brands have been able to establish themselves in this area, energising a city centre that had become stagnant. International brands have moved in, taking advantage of these opportunities and the more accessible rents. As a result, there are fewer opportunities in the city centre for local offerings given the bargaining power of these major international brands. In the very centre vacant spaces are rather rare or are to be found in the streets outside of the main city centre routes. On the outskirts and in the shopping centres, tenants enjoy strong bargaining positions, even though the two major shopping centres in the region, Balexert and La Praille, are still highly sought-after consumer premises where vacant spaces remain scarce.

Things to do



Balexert, La Praille shopping centre, Globus department store, Bon Genie department store, Apple store


Lakeside, Jet d´Eau, Bains des Pâquis, the Old Town

And be seen


Alma (Eaux Vives), Kampai (Paquis), The Hamburger Foundation (Plainpalais), Lipp (City Center)


Bottle Brothers (Eaux Vives), Barbershop (Plainpalais), La Clémence (Old Town), Riverside (City Center)

Be Merry

Java Club (Right Bank), BabyBoa (Rightbank), Roofttop 42 (Left Bank), Village du Soir (La Praille)

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