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City Overview

Casablanca is the most populated city in Morocco, with 4 million inhabitants in 2010. The city is considered the primary industrial region in Morocco, generating 55% of the country?s production and home to 60% of the industrial work force; 39% of the active population is employed in the city. Casablanca alone generates 50% of the economic value of Morocco and attracts 48% of the investments made in the country. The region?s ports account for 55% of the country?s maritime activity and 51% of air passengers? use Casablanca?s Mohammed V International Airport. Taking into consideration the important economic added value that Casablanca has for Morocco and the wealth of its population compared to other cities, it has become the most attractive region in Morocco for retailers. The retail activity in the city exists mainly on the high street. Most brands are established along the most important avenues of the city, although these are somewhat dispersed. The most attractive area remains Al Massira Boulevard, where the group Aksal, franchisee of the Inditex brands in Morocco, established the first Zara. This opening was key to the attraction of other mass market brands such as ALDO, Mango, Stradivarius, and Benetton. When Al Massira Boulevard became almost saturated and the prices of units increased considerably, new locations such as l'Avenue du Phare became attractive to retailers such as Hugo Boss, 1.2.3, Sud Express, and Caroll. Ain Harrouda Street has become the most attractive destination for luxury brands with the arrival of Cartier. Retail units in Casablanca are offered mainly for sale (estimated at 95% of the global offer on street retail). The prices have increased considerably during the last three years to reach up to MA$130 per square metre in prime locations. As a result of these high prices and the scarcity of units suitable for retail, modern shopping centres have become more attractive. At present, Casablanca?s shopping centres are not comparable with international norms; there are no anchor stores and very few units are available for rental. By the end of 2011, however, the city will benefit from the opening of Morocco Mall (around 70,000 sq m), which will be the first centre to offer affordable retail opportunities to international brands. With the opening of Anfaplace (around 30,000 sq m), at the end of 2012, the shopping centre concept is likely to become firmly established. Most international brands will operate through franchises with key local franchisees and international groups operating under franchises with the same brands in other countries. In shopping centres, the most prevalent system is the charging of access fees (key money) plus rent, although just charging full rent from the outset is also common.

Things to do



Twin Towers' district, Maârif district, Al Massira Boulevard, Avenue du Phare, La corniche Area (AnfaPlace and La Marina)


Hassan II Mosque, Corniche Area, Private Beaches of Dar Bouazza

And be seen


Le Cabestan, Rick's Café, Le pilotis, La Bavaroise, La Churascaria, Mai thai, Basmane, Al Mounia


Sky Bar,Sky 28, Trica, Irish Pub, Le Brooklyn

Be Merry

Amstrong, Le B'Rock