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Bonn was Germany’s former seat of government until reunification. Nowadays, Bonn still has an important role in the federal governmental structure, as home of several ministries and many federal authorities. It also hosts the headquarters of a number of former state-owned corporations, including Telekom AG and Deutsche Post AG. Furthermore, the city was chosen as a UN seat. Bonn offers very attractive living conditions and enjoys positive population growth. In cultural terms, Bonn has a high number of internationally renowned museums.

Bonn’s retail market directly benefits from these positive conditions. Three inner-city squares are connected by major high streets and act as cultural meeting points for Bonn’s citizens. The main street is Remigiusstrasse, which is most popular with all major retailers. Poststrasse and Sternstrasse are also important retail destinations.

Things to do



Münsterplatz, Sternstrasse


Rheinaue, Poppelsdorfer Allee, Museumsmeile (Bundeskunsthalle, Haus der Geschichte, Museum König, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Deutsches Museum), Volkssternwarte, Rheinnixe, Hofgarten

And be seen


Halbedel’s Gasthaus, Redüttchen, Kaspars, Im Stiefel, Em Höttche, Nolden


Brauhaus Bönnsch, Wirtshaus Salvator, Kinkel-Stuben, Bierhaus Machold, Die Wache, The Old Jacob, Che Guevara, Blow up, bAbA'z, Flynn's Inn Whiskey Bar

Be Merry

Beethovenhalle, Theater Bonn, Oper Bonn, Club N8schicht, Jazz Galerie, Session, 3 raum wohnung