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Bologna, the largest city in Emilia Romagna, located at the crossroads of important highways and some 100 km from Florence, 100 km from Verona, and 160 km from Milan, Bologna is the gateway between northern and central Italy. The city centre area is very homogeneous and the historical center is crucial to commerce. The city’s pace is steady but not frantic and the per capita income of the Bolognese is above average. The city centre area is covered with some 36 kilometers of porticos that shelter the commercial life of this city that, in 2000, was proclaimed the cultural capital of Europe. Connections to the national transportation network are excellent; the train station is located at the end of Via Indipendenza. The SC are located on the outskirts of Bologna. They offer a worthwhile alternative to city centre commerce: the shopville Gran Reno, Centro Meridiana, and Centro Nova.

Things to do



Galleria Cavour, Via D’Azeglio.


Piazza Maggiore, Torri degli Asinelli e Garisenda.

And be seen


Mercato Di Mezzo, Spicchiricchi, Centro Natura.


Tosado Cafe, Testoni Vinoofficina, Saragozza 145.

Be Merry

Giardini Margherita.

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