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Aachen, the most westerly of Germany’s cities, lies close to the Belgian and Dutch borders. Aachen - and the region around the cities of Maastricht (NL) and Liège (B) - form the Euregio Maas-Rhein with around 4 million inhabitants. 

The University of Technology and its affiliated research institutes play a major role in the city’s economy. Aachen is host to the first German UNECSO world heritage site, the Charlemagne Cathedral, which attracts 1.2 million visitors every year.
Aachen’s retail market benefits from shopping tourism from Belgium and the Netherlands. The major high street, Adalbertstrasse, and the streets in the medieval old town (Damengraben and Holzgraben, Krämerstrasse, Grosskölnstrasse) form an attractive retail market. In autumn 2015 the Aquis Plaza, Aachen’s first inner city shopping center and it’s 130 shops opened doors on lower Adalbertstrasse. One current development concerns the redesign of the Büchel urban quarter. Here a mixed-use quarter with residential, retail, gastronomy and office space will be created.

Things to do



Adalbertstrasse, Münsterplatz, Aachen's Market Place, Ostertor and Steintor


Aachener Dom, Domschatzkammer, Aachener Rathaus, Puppenbrunnen, Elisenbrunnen, Ponttor, Marschiertor, Centre Charlemagne, Ludwigforum, Burg Frankenberg

And be seen


Am Knipp, Hexenhof, Zum goldenen Einhorn, Hanswurst, Restaurant Elisenbrunnen, Aachener Café Haus, Sauerbraten Palast, Gare du Nord


DRY - Liquid Supper Bar, Domkeller, Molkerei, Café Kittel, Café Madrid, Kuckucksnest, Hildegart, Die Kiste, Grotesque Absinth-Bar, City Pub, Monoheidi

Be Merry

Tierpark Aachen, Theater Aachen, Starfish, Musikbunker, Dreiländereck, Black Table Magic Theater, Kurpark Terassen